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Googlebot’s recent improvements might revolutionize web development — “Googlebot is apparently much better at parsing JavaScript than many of us were aware - to the point where single page apps without a server-side HTML alternative now seem to be possible, even when SEO is important.”

Introducing Avocado — “A new toolbox for interaction designers”

Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices — “Incredible industrial design is increasingly non-optional, what really matters is an equally beautiful software system that spans mobile, desktop, and more. It’s something that takes a lot of thought to get right.”

Experiments at Airbnb — “While the basic principles behind controlled experiments are relatively straightforward, using experiments in a complex online ecosystem like Airbnb during fast-paced product development can lead to a number of common pitfalls.”

Repl.it — “An online environment for interactively exploring programming languages. The name comes from the read-eval-print loop, the interactive toplevel used by languages like Lisp and Python.”

“We may fight, and you may win, but you’ll regret that you did.” —Brent Turner, on being relentless and tough competitor